Nicholas County Commission

Information about the office of the Nicholas County Commission, the elected officials who serve as commissioners, and how to contact them

Nicholas County Commission

The Nicholas County Commission holds public meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month starting at 9:00 a.m..

The following individuals are currently serving six-year terms as Commissioners:

John R. Miller Representing Cherry District        Term expires 2016

Ken Altizer               Representing Gauley District      Term expires 2018

Lyle Neal                    Representing Gauley District     Term expires 2020

Patty Neff                    Administrative Assistant

Mary O'Dell                 Office Assistant

County Commissioners serve as the chief fiscal body for the county.  They act as a quasi-judicial body, and make determination on property tax appeals.  They are involved with the conducting of elections and economic development.  West Virginia law gives County Commissioners jurisdication over probate of wills, appointments of personal representatives, guardians, and fiduciary commissioners.

County Commissioners appoint members to various boards and commissions at the local level as authorized by the legislature.  Some of those boards include:

Public Service Districts

Board of Parks and Recreation

Historic Landmark Commission

Solid Waste Authority

Airport Authority

Building Commisison

Farmland Protection Board

Contact Information

Patty Neff or Mary O'Dell

Nicholas County Commission, 700 Main Street, Suite 1, Summersville, WV  26651

Phone:  (304) 872-7830

Fax:  (304) 872-9602

Office Hours (M-F)  8:30 am - 4:30 pm